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30,000 people buy a box of BOVINE EXCREMENT

Cards Against Humanity pwns its customers (or provides a 'life lesson')

Would you pay $6 for a box of shit? Fans of the "party game for horrible people", Cards Against Humanity did.

On Black Monday, the company offered a special, one-day-only offer of a box which said “bullshit” on it. Nothing more, just Cards Against Humanity Bullshit.

Customers ordered them in droves and internet rumours of a special card grew. However, unboxing showed that it was just what it said: shit.

Video of a box of shit being opened

At least you also got a badge to wear to let people know that (a) you are pretty gullible and (b) you’ve been handling pooh.

Max Temkin, one of the creators of the popular indie game, did reportedly tell one buyer on Twitter that if “buy the poop expecting it to be something else that’s not poop, you’re actually buying a valuable life lesson for $6”. And so it seems.

The Cards Against Humanity Bullshit is no longer available from the makers but there is plenty available at our favourite online tat bazzar. Maybe those who get $20 for a box have the last laugh.

If, however you really want to get that genuine feeling of being cheated, Cards Against Humanity will sell you an empty box for twelve quid, and maybe some beach-front property in Switzerland. ®

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