How much for a wrist job? A tenner normally, but for this one, over $30k

Tosser alert: Diamond-encrusted Apple gold watch out next summer

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The wait is almost over for footballers, Arab oil magnates, the fanbois elite, Croydon-based lottery winners, or anyone else with a money to burn: a diamond-encrusted Apple Watch will hit the shops next year with an eye-popping price tag.

The gaunche-wear, a ‘pimped up’ version of the Watch, comes plastered with eight rounds of shiny stones totalling 15.14 carats, set in an 18K rose gold ‘tennis bracelet’, according to customiser Mervis Diamond Importers.

Billed as the “ultimate in luxury wearable technology”, the wrist job has a price to match, set at a cool $30,150, or over 86 times more costly than the standard model Apple, set for release early next year ($349).

“We are currently taking pre-orders for the extremely limited first production, expected 1 June 2015,” said Mervis.

This is not the first time an Apple product has been touched up by Mervis; it charged $20,000 for a bejewelled iPod Shuffle in 2007.

And it's far from alone in targeting tasteless tossers with glittery tat - fallen Tottenham Court Road retailer Micros Anvika used to bring some bling to iPads, and footballers (really?) were said to be among its customer base.

Only last Chrimbo, Dixons Retail’s concession in Harrods sold a £68k Gold iPhone - a 24-carat case splattered with hundreds of diamonds, for those searching for stocking fillers, and any sort of meaning for their lives.

But all of this is just small change when compared with the $48.5m rose gold iPhone 6 that was fashioned with a pink diamond on the back, part of the Falcon Bespoke Collection.

Mankind has no future. ®

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