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Frustration with Elite:Dangerous boils over into 'Refund Quest'

>> You are trying to secure a refund from an unscrupulous developer

Frustration with Frontier Developments' less-than-pleasing response to fans miffed that Elite:Dangerous doesn't feature a single-player mode has sparked a new game titled “Refund Quest”.

The game's a choose-your-own-adventure affair that leads you into a dungeon of despair on “A journey to get a refund from a random developer.”

It's obvious the game is about Elite: Dangerous, as the game mirrors the saga of the trading game because it explains the non-appearance of offline mode and, once you're deep inside, offers a chance to log a support ticket with unpleasant results:

“Support is silent, and moderators are running rampant. Posts are disappearing as you are reading. No-one is getting anywhere and you aren't sure but the further through the threads and posts you get the quieter it seems

It's clear that support isn't really support and is instead trying to limit the developers responsibility. You're options are clearly limited.”

At the end of the game, things get grim in the final dialog:

The game still won't have the originally promised features. But you seem to be getting nowhere with any communication that you try.

Support ignores you, the developer ignore you... without being able to see any other way to go, you give up.

You consider this an expensive life lesson and vow never to pre-order, pre-purchase or trust developers without proof.

Talk on the Elite: Dangerous forums, meanwhile, are now turning to just how long after a purchase credit card companies or PayPal will respond to complaints or issue refunds.

Reg commentards are mad about this and Elite: Dangerous buyers are clearly mad about this. Any second now social media and customer service “experts” will be tweeting and posting utterly obvious critiques of Frontier Developments' behaviour. Such posts may be the worst part of this whole unpleasant saga. ®

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