Microsoft patch mashes Office forms and macros

Fixing Redmond's fixes … AGAIN!

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Microsoft's December patching palaver keeps getting worse, with news that one of this month's brood is breaking Excel macros.

Redmond's already had to back-pedal on the December 2014 update for Windows Root Certificate Program in Windows and also this month pulled a faulty Exchange update.

Now comes news that MS14-082, one of December's seven fixes, can cause Office to misbehave.

Microsoft's mea culpa reports problems with ActiveX forms and broken macros when both Office 2013 and Office 2007 are present.

Not colossal issues, to be sure, and the fixes aren't onerous.

But with Microsoft also retracting a patch in October and doing likewise in August, as well as on other occasions, it's starting to look a bit sloppy. Throw in an Azure outage, a disappearing Office 365 feature and Redmond starts to look perhaps less-than-entirely-reliable on ye olde desktoppe and the cloud. ®


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