Sucker for punishment? Join Sony's security team

Wanted: experienced hacker to pen 'cohesive vulnerability management strategy'

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Sony is seeking a steely-willed vulnerability management director in the wake of its thorough hosing by unknown attackers.

The beleaguered media giant posted an online advertisement Friday seeking a security bod boasting a decade's hacking experience to, among other things, "Unify and enhance Sony’s global information security architecture, to include a cohesive vulnerability management strategy."

Better late than never, we suppose.

The applicant would also require five year's red-teaming experience, suggesting the company is keen to identify vulnerabilities by hacking itself to bits using all known avenues of attack.

Punters would work with Sony's Northern Virginia security team and be charged with building a vulnerability management strategy and penetration testing schemes for all Sony companies.

They would also need to offer advice to sobbing executives, assist security and handle budgets.

The position picked-up by a Reddit user required "expert-level knowledge of prevalent operational security tactics and techniques [such as] vulnerability exploits and countermeasures, remote access trojans and related persistence techniques, [and] social engineering" the company said.

There was no reference to the recent hacking that brought Sony Pictures Entertainment to its technology knees which was controversially pinned on North Korea by the FBI.

Sony was also seeking an incident response manager in a job offer posted prior to the hack.

The company's also tossed a sueball at Twitter, asking it to remove Tweets containing screenshots of purloined documents or face future action over any losses Sony incurs. ®


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