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Makers of Snowden movie Citizenfour sued by ex-oil exec

'The film glorifies international espionage for profit' it's claimed

The makers of Citizenfour are being sued by a man who claims the Edward Snowden film constitutes a violation of US law and national security.

Horace B. Edwards is the sole named complainant in the filing (PDF) against the makers of the film and Snowden himself for alleged damages committed against the American people.

"No censorship occurs and no public access is restrained," the suit reads.

"Rather, upon information and belief, this lawsuit seeks relief against those who profiteer by pretending to be journalists and whistleblowers, but in effect are evading the law and betraying their country."

Edwards, a former executive with oil company ARCO, said that upon seeing the film, he concluded that Snowden overstepped his whistleblower status and engaged in acts of "foreign espionage" which Edwards believed the makers of the film used for their own profit.

As such, Edwards claims that the filmmakers, referred to as the "Hollywood Defendants", profited from the trafficking of state secrets and threats to US security.

"Citizenfour portrays Defendant Snowden as a well-meaning whistleblower having nowhere else to turn, while the Hollywood Defendants justify their own acts as ones deserving of applause, when in fact the film glorifies international espionage for profit," the complaint reads.

Edwards has also reportedly petitioned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to disqualify the film form Oscar consideration.

The filing does not give an exact dollar amount for the damages, but asks the courts to "Require the Defendants to relinquish the proceeds accounted for to the United States," as well as to cover legal costs.

Should this suit actually go anywhere [Which is doubtful - Ed], El Reg will provide a follow-up. ®

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