Privacy-loving boxing kangaroo biffs drone out of the sky

Testy marsupial mum deals harshly with electric pest

Footage has emerged of a kangaroo boxing a drone out of the sky.

Newzulu posted the footage below, in which said marsupial takes a shot at a camera-bearing autonomous craft.

To Vulture South's trained eye*, this looks like an Eastern Grey, a mid-sized 'roo that's not noted for being particularly aggressive.

Indeed, Kangaroos are human toleraters: once they become familiar with us bipeds they keep at a safe distance and generally only get nasty when provoked.

The specimen in this video looks like a female with baby in tow. Juvenile kangaroos, known as joeys, can suckle for up to 18 months. Some Eastern Greys can even have one very young joey in their pouch, and other bouncing around but still suckling.

A mother in that situation, or even with just one joey, would likely find a nearby drone sufficiently threatening to biff it.

After the 'roo attack, the craft reportedly was not able to rise from the grass under its own power.

Vulture South now awaits news of giant-anti-drone-kangaroo startup targeting the military. ®

*See, boss? We told you having an Australian office would come in handy. [Yes - but what kind of DRONE was it? -Ed]

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