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PlayStation clambers back online days after DDoS attack PARALYSED network

Gaming service STILL struggling to return to life

Updated Sony's PlayStation network is slowly returning to normal service roughly 48 hours after it was hit by another major distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Christmas Day.

Members of the Lizard Squad gang, which has previously targeted Sony's PSN, claimed responsibility for the assault. Microsoft's Xbox similarly went titsup on Christmas Day.

However, Xbox Live was restored shortly after file-sharing tycoon Kim Dotcom seemingly silenced the Lizard Squad by offering them 3,000 free lifetime premium vouchers for his Mega cloud storage service, if they stopped the attacks on the gaming networks.

As The Register reported on Friday, the DDoSed servers hampered gamers' ability to access the networks and play online. Microsoft and Sony's login systems appeared to have been the target of the attacks.

Earlier today, Sony's official PlayStation twitter account miserably tweeted that the PSN was returning to life.

By the early hours of this morning, the Lizard Squad had apparently switched its attention to the Tor Project. Although that attempted attack on the onion-routing network was downplayed by Tor developers after the service was flooded with 3,000 relays. ®


PSN customers are continuing to complain about service disruption to the network, despite Sony's promise that its system was coming back to life.

PlayStation has since acknowledged that connection problems continue to blight parts of its service, as this recent tweet showed:

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