Toffee, Apple? U.S. fanbois get their sticky fingers on Nork-teasing flick The Interview


Apple has begun offering the controversial Sony Pictures' movie The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, for rent and sale on its Stateside and Canada iTunes stores.

Fanbois who are willing to shell out $14.99 can purchase a high-definition version of the Nork-ribbing flick from Apple's online shop.

It comes days after Microsoft and Google confirmed they would stream the film, which was axed from being shown in U.S. cinemas on Christmas Day, on their respective services.

Spoof flick The Interview features the mock assassination of North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un. It has been panned by movie critics.

Its planned release led to a squabble between Norks, Sony Pictures and even U.S. President Obama, who accused the film studio of caving into bullies by yanking The Interview from cinemas in the aftermath of a devastating hack attack on the struggling company. ®

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