Glut prompts discounts galore... £70 Playbook, anyone?

Bad news for the big man in red - if Santa left a tablet under your tree he probably paid too much, as a massive glut of fondlesome devices has seen prices tumbling.

You can buy tablets for under £30, but for just over that (including shipping) you can get a 7” Quad Core device, and Amazon is now chock-a-block with cheap tablets. Even retail outlets, with brand name tablets, will do you a massive discount.

Currys has a range of Samsungs at almost half the RRP.

Bargain hunters will be used to shopping at Morgan Computers, whose latest mailshot has 15 pages of tablets. Interesting highlights are the original 10.1” Galaxy Note for £170 in VAT, 8” quad core Windows tablet for £99.95 and the sales disaster which was the Blackberry Playbook, complete with magnetic charger, for £70 including VAT.

Not bad for a device which had an original RRP of £600, and has a pretty good screen.

Sticking with a known name is probably a good idea, because as El Reg has explained before many sub-£100 Android slabs are simply riddled with security holes.

The fondleslab glut won’t be good for Apple either. Analysts previously blamed falling iTablet sales on the 'pile em high, sell ‘em cheap' tactics from other vendors. ®

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