Let it go, let it go ... Sales of games, video and music up for second year

But kid flick Frozen still massively outselling FIFA 15

Blighty sales of video, games and music rose 2.2 per cent to £5.66bn in 2014, with games sales alone up 7.5 per cent to £2.45bn, compared with the previous year.

Sales were evenly split between physical and digital purchases, according to preliminary figures released by trade group Entertainment Retailers Association.

This apparently is the second year of growth for the music, video and games market, which rose 4 per cent in 2013 to £5.4bn, compared with 2012.

The most successful entertainment product of the year was, perhaps unsurprisingly, Disney’s Frozen video, which sold over 4 million copies, 50 per cent more than the best-selling FIFA 15 video game.

ERA director Kim Bayley said: “Too often the debate about the future of entertainment is portrayed as a battle between physical and digital. This second successive year of growth demonstrates entertainment is becoming a mixed, multi-channel economy in which streaming, digital and physical formats can both prosper, each satisfying different consumer needs." ®

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