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UKIP website TAKES A KIP, but for why?

Domain name doesn't expire until next year ...

Updated UKIP's website is currently out of action, but the reason for its little sit-down remains a mystery given that the domain name is not set to expire until early next year.

It's been suggested elsewhere that Nigel Farage and his loony pals have failed to pay their domain renewal fees for the service hosted by 123-reg.

However, a quick DNS lookup shows that the domain name doesn't expire until 22 March 2016.

It also reveals that the site's details were updated yesterday.

UKIP is yet to explain why its website has gone titsup. It certainly appears to be amateur hour over at the party's HQ. Perhaps it's simply the result of Farage quitting the sauce for January ... ®


The Register asked 123-reg to explain what had gone wrong. A spokeswoman for the company told us:

UKIP did not fail to renew its domain name and in fact has a long term registration with 123-reg. This morning we have helped UKIP to restore its website to normal service.

She added: "As UKIP has stated, there was a technical problem overnight and this is no fault of 123-reg."

We note, however, that the site remains titsup.

Update 2

UKIP's website is now coming back to life. You lucky people.

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