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Microsoft lets devs with form skip MCSD exam

If you coded something Redmond approves, you get exam credit

Microsoft's made it official: if you can code an app for Windows, you can skip some certification exams.

Redmond gave this idea a try last year with a program called Review to Cert that made having an app certified for the Windows Store one way to score part of a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification.

That program's now been re-named “App to Cert”, but retains the basic concept: if you submit an app to the Windows Store and are willing to spend 2.4 hours in a Lync chat with a Microsoft Developer Support Expert reviewing the code, you'll be able to skip an exam needed for the MCSD.

Those exams are for the Windows Store Essentials topic (either exam 481 or 484). Scoring an MCSD will still require a pass in exam 482 or 485 for the Advanced Windows Store course.

When The Reg covers certifications, comments nearly always argue that vendors' accreditations aren't very valuable because they don't reflect real world experience or proven capabilities. App to Cert goes some way towards addressing that criticism. Or does it? ®

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