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Get your special 'sound-optimising' storage here, hipsters

If you believe that, you'll believe anything....

Comment Is it April already? I really cannot tell from this post, which poses the question: "Is it really possible that the sound quality of bit-identical audio files is influenced by their storage medium before being delivered to the hi-fi system's DAC?"*

Well, if this is the sort music experts are spreading around, then I am going to kickstart a new product: AudioNAS – which sounds expensive because it is...

There are very many complaints and issues I have encountered when dealing with the creative types that are my user-base, but never have they complained that one storage system sounds better than another storage system. Nor have they ever asked for better quality HDMI cables, better quality USB or even better quality Ethernet cables because their current ones just don’t render their work sufficiently well.

But perhaps there is a need for AudioNAS, which will allow you to get more from your files… er, "improving" the bits so that they sound better.

Look, believe what you want to believe, but if the storage system impacts on the sound of the files being stored there, there are horrible implications… because it means it is changing the data and, reader, that would be bad. ("Sorry, Mr Audiophile – the storage 'improved' your medical files and has smoothed out the fact that you are allergic to penicillin...")

In the storage world, we call such improvements data corruption.

But, hey – I’ll take your money for my new AudioNAS… ®

* Er, no. No it's not.

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