5 Times An 'Unhappy Person' Dared To Use The Word 'Boring' At CES 2015

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1: This Year, 69 Per Cent Of CES Attendees Protested Against Dull Speakers With Their Actual Eyelids

Sleepy follow!

2: 34 Per Cent Of Nordic Mafia Types Utterly Reject The Tellybox

Haters gonna hate!

3: Only 11 Per Cent Of CES Folk Use Public Transport

Cause no fuss, yeah!

4: Most People At The World's Biggest Consumer Electronics Show Agree That We're All Just Chasing Rainbows

Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue ...

5: Humans Who Didn't Get A Ticket To CES Still Tuned In Because Technology

Watching the tellies on the telly is so futuristic, bro!

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