Verizon says 40-hour outage was outage to end all outages

Planned maintenance for Verizon Cloud sails past 'far less than 48 hours' pledge

Verizon Cloud's planned maintenance outage, for which the company last week allocated 48 hours but advised should “take far less than 48 hours” ran at least 40 hours, and the company now says the outage was needed for an upgrade that will remove the need for future outages of this type.

Verizon's saying the outage allowed it to install "seamless upgrade functionality" that "allows ... major system upgrades without interrupting service or limiting infrastructure capacity."

Which is just what customers wanted.

Ken White, whose ire about the maintenance window and the reliability of cloud computing sparked our original story, tweeted throughout the outage.

At about 21:35 GMT on Sunday, he popped out this missive.

Eleven minutes previously, White said the outage just sailed past the forty hour mark.

Verizon's announcement about the outage to end all outages landed about 30 minutes later.

That announcement also let us know that Verizon Cloud has updated some aspects of its management UI.

Just why Verizon decided to keep the reason for the upgrade under wraps is anyone's guess: it's not hard to imagine users would have been less likely to complain had they known the company's intentions. ®

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