Nimble loses sales Mann as veep exits

Eric Mann off after 4 months

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Four months after joining from NetApp, Nimble's worldwide sales veep, Eric Mann, has walked, citing personal reasons.

Mann joined Nimble last September, coming in with fellow NetApper Mark Parrinello, veep of Americas sales.

At NetApp, Mann was SVP and general manager for Americas sales. He was with EMC before NetApp, heading Americas sales.

The previous sales head at Nimble, Mike Munoz, had taken a leave of absence for significant family medical issues.

At that time CEO Suresh Vasuden said: "Mike has established the bedrock for Nimble sales, cultivating customer relationships, building a high-performance sales team and driving results through a period in which our quarterly revenues have eclipsed $50m and our customer count is nearing 4,000. We respect and support his personal decision to focus on his family first, and we know he will rejoin the Nimble team when the time is right.”

We've contacted Nimble and will let you know more when we know more. ®


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