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Microsoft & Paypal link hands, turn round and slap Apple Pay

Selling Surface to the sellers of some stuff

Microsoft will start supporting PayPal’s "PayPal Here" hardware, so people can buy things with their mobile phones.

The partnership, which is only for the US initially, will allow retailers to use a Lumia or Surface to take payments through PayPal.

The idea is that they will then want to use Microsoft products rather than something like the mPowa Bluetooth device with an Apple tablet.

Microsoft wants to see small and medium business (sole proprietors, retailers and professional services organizations) using a Surface as a laptop replacement for inventory, supply, customer relationship information and accounting, and as a tablet for point-of-sale duties.

The company will launch apps for Surface and Lumia which link to PayPal Here, which will give audit trails, track sales, manage inventory, and accept “all forms of payments”. Hmmm, Bitcoin?

Tablets will need additional hardware but some phones (the Lumia 635 and Lumia 830) will not.

There is an SDK available for favoured developers, which include Canvas and iConnect POS, who have committed to beginning work immediately on the platform and aim to introduce new software in the coming months.

This SDK will allow even more developers and ISVs to integrate their apps in the PayPal transaction platform directly from Windows and Surface. ®


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