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Microsoft Azure was most FAIL-FILLED cloud of 2014

They were still up for over 99% of the time, in fairness

Microsoft’s cloud had the worst service reliability of the three main players in 2014, according to annual metrics from uptime experts CloudHarmony.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines suffered 103 outages for the year, resulting in downtime of 42.94 hours. The Azure Object Storage service was offline 138 times, leaving users in the dark for 10.89 hours in total.

Fortunately for Microsoft, the outages weren't severe enough to take Redmond's cloud below the penalty-inducing three-nines service level.

Azure Virtual Machines hit 99.9379 percent up time and Object Store 99.9851 per cent uptime.

The title for second worst was split between Google and Amazon’s mighty AWS, with both providers in different positions depending on their compute and storage clouds.

Amazon’s EC2 compute platform suffered 12 outages, resulting in a total of 2.01 hours of down time.

Google’s Cloud Compute Engine saw 86 outages, which totalled 3.45 hours of offline.

On storage, Google’s Cloud Storage went down 8 times, for 14.23 minutes.

These didn't compare well to AWS’s S3, which saw 23 outages resulting in 2.69 hours offline for users of the cloud-retailer's object store service.

CloudHarmony’s metrics are based on benchmarks run on different categories of vendors' cloud architecture - CPU, memory, disk, IO and network. The firm started in 2009. You can read CloudHarmony's full-up time rankings for 2014 here


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