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Missing defective BEAGLE FOUND ON MARS! Amazing claim

Images of lost probe

Vid The UK Space Agency revealed on Friday that the Beagle 2 - the ill-fated probe which went missing in December 2003 after being launched on 2 June that year - has been found.

Dr David Parker, UK Space Agency CEO, told attendees at a UK Space Agency press conference today that "we can say with some confidence that Beagle 2 is no longer lost".

He said the images suggest there's good evidence that the probe is resting on the surface of Mars, indicated it landed on the planet but was only partially deployed.

Intended to be Britain’s first probe to another planet, it was designed to perform experiments to detect signs of alien life on Mars.

More updates to follow. ®

Official video form University of Leicester on the finding of Beagle 2


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