VMware wins cool reception for two-CPU eval software

VSAN needs three hosts, program offers two CPUs … you do the math

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VMware has kicked off a new program that looks like it will make it easier to build home labs. Mostly.

The new EVALExperienence program is pretty simple: cough up the US$200 required to become a member of the VMware user group (VMUG) Advantage program and you'll find yourself able to download and run vCenter Server, vSphere with Operations Management, vCloud Suite, lots of vRealize bits, Horizon and Virtual SAN.

The licences last 365 days and run on a pair of CPUs.

Which is where the problems start, because VSAN requires three hosts to operate. Two CPUs … three hosts …. you do the math.

VMware users are also wondering whether two CPUs is enough for serious evaluations. And wondering loud enough that the chair of VMUGs, Brian Kirsch, has participated in exchanges like the one below.

VMware's making plenty of noise about the new program in the context of Microsoft shuttering Technet and MSDN, therefore making it harder, and more expensive, to run up home labs or do some tinkering at work. Virtzilla's also very keen on home labs.

VMware EVALexperience logo

Keen enough that it will add a socket or four to this new program?

Watch this vSpace. ®


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