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SO. Which IS more important to humanity: Facebook, or Portugal?

F**k the Algarve, kids, it's Zucker-burg this summer!

Poll The Register, it would seem, has ruffled the feathers of some sensitive Portuguese folk by merely reporting the, er, facts as presented to us by consultancy outfit Deloitte, which – having been paid by Mark Zuckerberg's company – claimed that Facebook's global economic value was $227bn (stop sniggering at the back).

Naturally, that assertion from Deloitte led Vulture Central to do some digging around for countries whose annual GDP was close to, but significantly lower than, Facebook's frankly megalomaniac estimates.

And Portugal, with a reported GDP of $219bn for 2013, seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Leading us to squawk in classic Reg fashion, for maximum comic absurdity:

Facebook is MORE IMPORTANT to humanity than PORTUGAL

Sadly, not everyone was impressed with that headline. One reader complained to your scribe that the article's title was "distasteful".

But hey, we're simply here to report the facts to you, people. That said, it would be remiss of us not to attempt to clear this matter up once and for all by asking you, dear readers, to wade in on what is a passionate debate.

Warning: Consider this question very carefully before answering it. Your summer olibobs with the family could be in jeopardy if you jump the wrong way.

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Portuguese Twitter users are taking to our poll remarkably well:

#JeSuisMadeira, or something.

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