GDS builds UNICORN HERDER, plays with Puppets

To the barricades, taxpayers, they're GIVING IT AWAY (as open source)!

The United Kingdom's Government Digital Service (GDS) has built a Unicorn Herder, plays with puppets and is messing about with pretend (virtual) computers.

The herder popped up on GitHub last week: it's a tool to manage daemonized unicorns. That's unicorns as in the HTTP server. GDS likes Unicorn and its related Gunicorn, but finds it tricky to make them work alongside process-trackers.

The herder addresses that issue, making it a handy automation tool.

As for the puppets, we're talking about Puppet Labs here as GDS Operations' GitHub page also includes a heap of tools for Puppet's orchestration and automation wares.

And the pretend computers? They're virtual and GDS has penned what looks like some handy scripts to get VMware's vCloud Director behaving more usefully.

The code releases are part of the GDS' plan to make government-penned code available to all and sundry, in the name of sharing expertise and making sure the public gets value for money.

Don't jump up and bless the agency just yet: it's also missing deadlines and shifting goalposts. And maybe the code is rubbish: do tell us if that's the case. ®

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