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Oi, Aussie sports fans! Take that selfie stick and stick it

Tennis and cycling events give Narcissism the flick

If you think selfie sticks are a sign of society's descent into a slough of narcissism, get thee to Australia where organisers of sporting events are making it known that telescoping terrors aren't entirely welcome.

Officials at cycling event the Tour Down Under on Friday felt it necessary to emit the Tweet below:

The Australian Tennis Open has also let it be know that selfie sticks aren't welcome in the stands. Just why selfie sticks are a menace at the tennis hasn't been explained, other than vague mentions of comfort of fellow patrons (and their vastly over-priced beverages).

Perhaps the presence of an official selfie zone may have something to do with that: we can't have the sponsors miss their social media KPIs, can we? ®

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