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Pirate Bay data now tugged by IP-address-tracking current

Revived plunder site now rests on Cloudflare's content delivery network

The new version of The Pirate Bay appears to be using the CloudFlare content delivery network, which logs IP addresses to filter out attacks.

The use of CloudFlare worries some who feel it increases the likelihood of Pirate Bay users being surveilled. Which obviously won't be a problem for the overwhelming majority of users who use it to access free content or Linux distributions and have nothing to hide.

The malfeasant minority, however, aren't keen on their IP addresses being shared with anyone other than their ISPs.

Their paranoia might be misplaced, as other torrent sites such as have used CloudFlare. The latter site is, however, offline at the time of writing with its registration status marked inactive or revoked.

TorrentFreak reports smarting ex-staff from The Pirate Bay aren't happy with the resurrected site and will establish their own version using a backup of the original.

The website, hosted at Moldova's Trabia datacenter, made its torrent listings accessible once again after a countdown trickler clock reached zero on 1 February.

Downloaders should exercise additional caution when obtaining content from the site. ®

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