Singapore wants nation-wide internet of things, hold the internet

Plans fibre just about everywhere for national sensor network

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The government of Singapore, famously keen on connectivity, has issued a tender seeking a fibre network to connect an island-wide sensor network.

The sensors will include surveillance cameras, according to AsiaOne, and are due to be rolled out by the end of the year.

There will also be sensors in drains to provide flood detection, and home sensors to monitor the elderly.

The island has decided that this might all be too sensitive for public Internet services, and has asked for 12-strand fibres to connect the “AGs” (above-ground boxes) that will collect data from the sensors.

The Straits Times says the country's Infocomm Development Authority will certify a carrier to build the network, which will also offer interconnect for mobile base stations.

That story quotes an IDA spokesperson as saying “As Singapore becomes a smart nation, we see new areas and opportunities for the Government to do more to assist, grow and build up a common infrastructure to support the deployment of smart nation applications”.

ISP SuperInternet complains that this represents a competitive risk.

While AsiaOne and other outlets consider the building of a private network “a world first”, The Register notes that built-for-purpose utility networks are routine in other parts of the world. ®


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