VMware acquires Immidio to personalise mobile stuff

Core customers sorted yesterday, growth markets pursued today

VMware has acquired Immidio, a vendor of “user environment management” (UEM) products that deliver desktops to any device, and will fold it into a wider Workspace Environment Management (WEM) effort.

Virtzilla's cooking up this new batch of acronym soup because it's decided that the application and desktop delivery caper is overly-complex. It's now talking up UEM as the bit that handles user profiles, personalisation and policy. WEM is the wider effort to deliver apps and manage all those users out there on their myriad devices.

The plan looks to be that Immidio's Flex+ offering to sit alongside App Volumes, and the lot to be wrapped into the Horizon suite.

News of Immidio's ingestion came a day after the launch of vSphere 6 and at VMware's Partner Exchange conference. The announcement therefore means that in the space of two days VMware has addressed its core market and expanded its offerings in the targeted growth market of end-user computing.

There's also news for partners, in the form of the opportunity to add managed services to VMware's vCloud Air cloud. That opportunity was quickly seized on by AirVM, which announced a product that offers billing, invoicing, pricing, product management, customer self-service, branding and white labelling features to help VMware's channel get into the managed services business. ®

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