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Ericsson drags Xiaomi back to court in India

Accuses Chinese rival of ignoring order, Xiaomi blames grey marketers

The ongoing battle between Ericsson and up-and-coming Chinese mobe-maker Xiaomi has blown up again, with the Swede saying its rival is ignoring a High Court order.

In December 2014, the Delhi High Court blocked sales of some Xiaomi phones in the huge market for not paying royalties to Ericsson.

The court order restricted Xiaomi to selling phones based on Qualcomm processors prior to February 5, but Ericsson says this online store breached the order.

According to Times of India, Xiaomi says the store has nothing to do with it.

The company has “no stake in the Website,” said Xiaomi lawyer Ajit Warrier, the newspaper reports. The phones are “being sold by third parties over whom Xiaomi does not have any control”, the report states.

The court hasn't yet reached a decision about whether the apparent grey-market operation is a Xiaomi business, but has continued the company's right to sell its Qualcomm-based phones until at least March 18, 2015.

The company has to deposit 100 rupees with the Delhi High Court for each phone sold. Phones using other processors, like the Mediatek-based Redmi Note, are still verboten. ®

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