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$10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience

Audiophile nonsense turned up to 11

Got £6,899 (US$10,500) to spare and worried that a Cat-6 Ethernet cable is keeping you from hearing the very best of your NAS-stored collection of MP3s?

Fear not, your moment has come, with this work of wonder from Audio Quest.

El Reg notes that the advertisement indicates the age of Audio Quest's engineers. Since the super-Ethernet cable represents “a lifetime's research”, and the first twisted pair Ethernet standard, 10Base-T, was published in 1990, the relevant engineers are 25 years old, max.

“This really is a 'money no object' cable for the dedicated Hi-Fi enthusiast that has extended into a world of digital audio sources,” the puffery continues.

Pay close attention to how you plug in the “ultra-performance RJ45 connector made from silver”, because these are directional Ethernet cables (apparently in ignorance that in the digital sphere, frames travel both way on the cables).

“The beating heart of the AudioQuest Diamond are the Solid 100% Silver Perfect Surface conductors where raw silver is processed by drawing through at a much slower speed than normal to create an ultra-smooth surface area free of indents and grooves.”

The insulation generates an electrostatic field “which reduces energy storage and non-linear time delays to a minimum,” because the designers are worried that ordinary plastic insulation might slow down the signal.

No, Vulture South doesn't know what that signifies either. But we're keen to try one out in the data centre. ®

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