Android Patent Dispute: Microsoft, Samsung hug it out

We’re fine now, but we DON’T want to talk about it, OK

Microsoft's patent row with Samsung over Android licensing has ended with a whimper, not a bang.

Redmond has announced that the two firms are now back on speaking terms, and that no, you can't know the details. In a terse statement, Microsoft says actions both in US courts and arbitration in the International Chamber of Commerce are over.

“Terms of the agreement are confidential”, the statement adds.

Back in 2011, when Microsoft was preparing sueballs over a number of patents it said covered Android technology, the two companies inked a licensing deal to keep Samsung out of the row.

However in 2014, it sued Samsung, first for running late with an annual payment, then for not paying millions in interest on the payment.

That filing revealed that in 2013, Microsoft received $US1 billion in royalties from Samsung.

Microsoft's filing at the time said Samsung was claiming the Nokia acquisition violated the two firms' agreements.

As well as monetary damages, Microsoft's now-withdrawn 2014 sueball asked the court to declare that the Nokia acquisition didn't breach any licensing agreement with Samsung. ®

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