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Kanye West: Yo, DNS... Imma let you finish, but this gTLD is one of the best of all time

Crap rap chap in yak flap

Fresh from insulting award-winner Beck in favour of Beyoncé at the Grammys, walking headline Kanye West has got the internets a-quiver with a series of tweets highlighting a new website that will sell shoes.

And by series, we mean no less than six tweets all featuring an unnecessary long countdown clock. Here's one:

What's more interesting than the fact that West, his step-sister and even his barber have been Instagramming pictures of fur-lined slipper-shoes is that the website address makes use of a new top-level domain: dot-supply, in fact. will open in two days after which time you will be able to buy some shoes. But what is noteworthy from the domain perspective was that the company running the back-end registry, Donuts, had no idea about the website until press reports started appearing.

There have been a few high-profile use of new top-level domains, most memorably 50Cent using the domain '', but they have been carefully orchestrated and publicized by the registries in order to garner attention.

That someone as mainstream as Kanye West has simply purchased and launched on a new gTLD is one of the most significant indicators yet that the hundreds of new extensions will soon become just a part of the broader internet ecosystem. ®

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