Isilon's Americas chief techie jumps ship to Micron Technology

Rob Peglar goes from scale-out to micro-scale storage

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EMC's scale out storage product Isilon needs a new chief technology officer for the Americas.

The incumbent, Rob Peglar, has taken a gig as veep of advanced storage solutions at Micron Technology, a purveyor of RAM, flash memory and solid state disks.

Micron says Peglar is the kind of “top industry talent” it likes to hire “as a further demonstration of our commitment to build world-class storage.”

The new gig will see Peglar “lead next-generation technology and architecture enablement efforts of Micron's Storage Business Unit to drive storage solution development with strategic customers and partners.”

Micron's net sales shot up from US$9.07bn in FY 2013 to $16.35bn in FY 2014, putting it closely behind EMC in terms of storage revenue.

With solid-state disks and in-memory computing both in high demand, it's not hard to see why Micron's star is rising. Peglar may just have found himself one of the storage industry's best gigs, given the challenges the traditional array and spinning rust capers face in these cloudy and solid-state times. ®


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