Hey, NUDE CELEBS! Apple adds SWEET 2FA to iMessage, Facetime

Harder-to-crack smack chat

Apple has activated a two-factor authentication (2FA) system for Facetime and iMessage, extending the service to beyond iCloud accounts in a move that it hopes will help secure its communications platforms.

The feature has become effective immediately, meaning any attempt to activate the services on a new device would first need to clear the token check.

Punters who activated the authentication system (essentially a password and a separate code send to a trusted device) through iCloud when it was made available in March would have it automatically extended for the other communication mediums.

Tokens could be sent over SMS, a medium commonly used for 2FA (but was not without its own security risks), or through Apple's Find My iPhone app.

Audacious attackers could get around SMS two-factor authentication by convincing telecoms providers to port a target's phone number, meaning the hacker would receive the texts.

It could also be targeted by malware capable of nabbing SMS.

It is hoped that Apple will soon apply two-factor authentication to sign-in procedures for its other services, including the App Store and iTunes.

Last year, Apple enabled its authentication security option for iCloud in the wake of several hacking incidents. ®

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