Hortonworks dishes out Hadoop for HDS: Mmmm, open source with big vendor gravy

This elephant can dance in the Big Data ballroom

HDS will offer open-source data muncher Hadoop to the enterprise after doing a deal with Hortonworks.

Hadoop distributor Hortonworks has signed an agreement with HDS to jointly promote and support the software. HDS can now deliver Hortonworks' Data Platform (HDP), Hadoop in other words, to its enterprise customers.

Hortonworks strategic marketing veep John Kreisa offered this canned quote: "The strategic agreement also provides a joint engineering commitment for the two companies on current and future projects that will help make Hadoop enterprise-ready."

This deal is another piece for HDS' Big Data Lego castle, and follows on from the Pentaho data analytics acquisition.

Both Pentaho and Hortonworks' platform will play a role in HDS' shared data analytics offering - with Pentaho analytics working on data stored in HDP.

Hortonworks filed its IPO in December, hoping to raise $78m with a valuation of $659m.

The deal with HDS will give its distribution a route into enterprises who prefer their open source software served with a side helping of mainstream supplier credibility.

But HDS isn't Hortonworks' only partner. Others include EMC, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Rackspace, Red Hat, Teradata, SAP and others. It's neat that SAP is on the list as HDS aims to bump up its SAP expertise level by acquiring oXya.

HDS will likely also be hoping that combining and integrating structured information, from apps like SAP, with semi- and unstructured information, generated partly from the Internet of Things, stored in Hadoop will lead to the most powerful resource on which data analytics routines can work their wizardry.

What's appearing here is a full meal, from soup to nuts and coffee, of a portfolio offering from HDS, including its UCP platform, bolstered with SAPpy oXya, Hortonworks' Hadoop software and Pentaho analytics. I think we can safely say that HDS is serious about Big Data. ®

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