Uber: Sorry we're really awesome and all that (oh yeah, and for leaking your personal info)

Lost-and-found list found lost on the internet

Taxi cab app maker Uber left its list of customers' lost belongings wide open to the internet – exposing phone numbers and other personal info in the process.

The privacy snafu, revealed and corrected this week, marks the latest controversy for the San Francisco-headquartered upstart.

Vice reports the internal Uber document was accessible to all on the web for about five hours on Monday before it was yanked offline.

Scores of items reported missing by Uber passengers – from bags, phones and keys to credit cards – were listed alongside the names and phone numbers of the customers and their drivers.

The data covers those who used Uber to catch a ride in the Los Angeles area of California. It appears the exposed information was compiled into an Excel spreadsheet that was accidentally shared on the web.

Uber downplayed the privacy issue, and big-upped its Lost Items feature, in a statement issued in the wake of the incident. “Uber’s Lost Items feature has helped thousands of riders reconnect with belongings left behind after a trip,” it said. “It appears that this log of lost items was accidentally made public, and we’re sorry for this mistake. We are looking into exactly how that happened so that it does not happen again.” ®

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