'Come on, everyone – block US govt staff ogling web smut at work'

House rep furious Uncle Sam's PCs allow through internet filth

A US congressman wants to take hard action against government staff viewing grumble flicks at work.

House Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that his proposed Eliminating Pornography for Agencies Act would task the White House's Office of Management and Budget to "issue guidelines that prohibit the access of a pornographic or other explicit web site from a Federal computer."

That sounds a lot like filtering out websites on Uncle Sam's networks to us. G-men probing crime can still cast their eye over blue movies, though: the proposed web access ban "shall not apply to any Federal computer that is used for an investigative purpose that requires accessing a pornographic web site."

The thought of people watching one-handed viewing matter on Uncle Sam's dime is something of an obsession for Meadows: he thrust forward a similar bill last year but just couldn't get the Congressional committee of oversight and government reform to take it. It ran out of time and died.

Meadows hasn't given up on his urges however. Unveiling the new bill, he noted that while there are strict rules against watching porn on Federal computers, he believes more needs to be done to stiffen up the system to avoid an orgy of government-funded onanism.

"While there are rules in place at most agencies to ban this kind of unprofessional and potentially hostile workplace behavior, it continues to take place," Meadows said

"There is absolutely no excuse for federal employees to be viewing and downloading pornographic materials on the taxpayers' dime."

Perhaps when the congressman finishes blocking federal employees from watching streaming sex scenes, he can turn his attention to preventing them from doing it in real life.

According to adult video site PornHub, Washington DC has a healthy interest in smut, with 'ebony' being the top search term and Lisa Ann (who starred as the former governor of Alaska in the classic parody Who's Nailin' Paylin) is the most requested performer. ®

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