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OpenStack's AB/CD naming is all in the name of Liberty for v 12.0

Windows admins welcomed early by new PoshStack PowerShell tool

OpenStack has named its forthcoming twelfth release Liberty.

The cloudy effort changes names with each release, advancing one letter in the alphabet each time it shoves software out the door, as reflected in names like Havana, Icehouse, Juno and Kilo.

Liberty won the community vote this time around, beating off “Lizard”, “London” and “Love”. All four candidate names are names of Canadian towns, reflecting the Vancouver, British Columbia, site of the next OpenStack Summit, which takes place in May 2015.

A piece of software likely to get an outing at the event is “PoshStack”, a Rackspace effort that “... allows Windows administrators to engineer OpenStack solutions from the command line or the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE), without needing to write code in C# (or any other low-level .NET language).”

Rackspace reckons the tool means Windows-centric folks don't need to “learn linux and bash and curl” and can instead “ use the skills they already have, or learn new skills that are native to the Windows environment, for OpenStack administration?”

The tool can be had over at GitHub, for free. In the name of Liberty. ®

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