NetApp: Don’t know about the hybrid cloud? Then you’re a dummy

There's a book saying so – it must be true

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Comment This storage Vulture confesses to never having understood the appeal of writing books specifically for dummies, for example NetApp's not-very-magnum opus, Hybrid Cloud for Dummies.

Maybe it's just US humour and we just don't get it this side of the pond.

NetApp dummies hybrid cloud

It's a special edition for NetApp and not to be confused with Hybrid Cloud for Dummies, which is, of course, a completely different book, a 360-page, $29.99 one by the same publisher but different writers. The authors of that one are a team from Hurwitz & Associates, led by President and CEO Judith Hurwitz.

The NetApp hybrid cloud book was written by Larry Miller, a part-time, contract author for John Wiley, the Dummies' series publisher. His LinkedIn profile says he's written more than 50 of them.

It has been "written primarily for IT executives and managers such as CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, and technical managers"... or in other words, "Dummies!"

The basic message is that IT is moving to the cloud and the hybrid cloud is the best way for enterprise IT to adopt cloud computing.

According to the book, Netapp, with its universal ONTAP data platform, has the best strategy, products and services to help enterprises build a hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

There, no need to read it now.

However, should you wish to do so anyway, you can download it here (registration required). ®

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