Apple Watch 'didn't work on HAIRY FANBOIS, was stripped of sensor tech'

Check your own physical wellbeing please fanbois. Or shave your wrists

Apple has scrapped certain health-monitoring technologies from its upcoming Watch, it's reported, following problems with sensors and regulations.

Some of the features are too complicated, while others would have prompted unwanted attention from watchdogs, it's reported. We're told the Watch has failed to meet Cupertino's strict product standards – sensor readings are spoiled by hairy arms or dry skin, for instance.

"Apple also experimented with ways to detect blood pressure or the amount of oxygen in the blood, but the results were inconsistent," the Wall Street Journal added.

"Moreover, if Apple interpreted the numbers to provide health or behaviour advice, the company likely would have needed approval from the US Food and Drug Administration or other regulators," it said.

Apple consequently opted for more vanilla pulse-rate monitoring tech.

According to the paper's sources, the company is asking suppliers in Asia to make five to six million Apple Watches in the first quarter. The product will finally be released in April.

In a typically understated claim last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook implied that the new Apple Watch could help prevent cancer.

In his keynote address at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, he said: "Some doctors now think that sitting down for long periods is the new cancer, so ten minutes before the hour the Watch software taps you to make you have a walk around."

He said: "It's quite funny to be in a meeting at Apple and ten minutes before the hour people get up and start moving around, but people like it." We'll take your word for it Tim. ®

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