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Game of Moans: Sky coughs to BORKED set top box BALLS-UP

Promises to fix TV-recording woe soon

Sky customers have been complaining for months about a firmware update that has cocked up their set top boxes but the media giant has been slow to repair the glitch, it has been claimed.

An unknown number of Sky HD boxes have been crashing, failing to record pre-set programmes or altogether disrupting the TV service.

Sky has admitted that there is a fault with some of its set top boxes, but – at time of publication – it was yet to issue an update to fix the flaw.

Unsurprisingly, after hearing from The Register on Monday, Sky promised to release a new update today.

Reg reader Darren told us:

The problem started for many back in October when the latest firmware was released but others have started to experience it at various times between then and now.

He added: "Personally, I've been experiencing this problem for just over a week and I've tried numerous methodical troubleshooting steps to isolate the problem, with no joy."

Last week, Sky – which is 39 per cent owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch – told customers who were griping about their crashing set top boxes that:

We’re aware of an intermittent problem with some of our Pace and Samsung Sky+HD boxes. The problem causes the box to freeze or become unresponsive. If this happens to your Sky box, you can fix the problem by rebooting your box and checking your cables.

It added:

We're working hard on a permanent fix and since our last update we’ve been carrying out in-depth testing to find the root cause. We’re still working on this and we'll provide further updates when we have more information.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Sky promised to explain to El Reg what had gone wrong. We'll update this story if we hear more from the company. ®


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