Fujitsu: We're flinging all our internal gumble onto OpenStack

Japanese firm nails its colours firmly to the mast

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Fujitsu is going to migrate its internal IT to an OpenStack cloud platform to save 35 billion yen and get world-leading creds for OpenStack expertise and commitment.

The new group-wide cloud platform will involve about 640 large-scale and complex systems across 13,000 servers globally. The staged transition starts this month and is scheduled to be completed within five years with the 35 billion yen savings coming from a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

The internal systems include CRM/sales-support systems, SCM/ECM systems, corporate systems, such as for HR and accounting, and a global communications platform for 170,000 employees across some 540 group companies.

It says: “The new cloud services platform will be used to quickly build systems that, by employing the latest technologies, such as mobile technologies and big data, can respond quickly to a changing business environment.”

Fujitsu aims to develop reference models for large-scale customers seeking to do the same thing. It wants its own internal IT to contribute to its business, be efficient and have its internal deployments serve as reference models for its customers. It can say to customers we eat, live and breathe our own OpenStack meals. Does anybody else?

This is probably the single most momentous and significant OpenStack commitment across the entire IT industry, and probably beyond. OpenStack supporters will be thrilled. ®


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