Former Mrs Dotcom hooks up with Xbox 'toyboy'

Dotcom looking for love again

Here's one to file under #couldnthappentoanicerbloke: Kim Dotcom's former bride appears to have taken up with a younger, slimmer man.

News that Dotcom now has relationship troubles to place alongside his legal, financial and political travails comes to us from New Zealand's Woman's Day, which this week brings us the news that "Mona finds love with Kiwi Toyboy!".

“Mona” is Mona Verga Dotcom, a former model who left the Megaupload boss in 2014, reportedly by scooting out of the Dotcom mansion on a golf cart.

The so-called toyboy is 20-year-old “Jeriel Manapori”.

Kim's obviously not happy about the situation, as the tweet below makes plain.

Woman's Day says it has “photos of the loved-up couple ... revealing their shared passion for a healthy lifestyle” in print, but we can't get our hands on the mag from Vulture South's Australian perch. See, boss – told you having a New Zealand bureau was a good idea!

In November last year, Mr Dotcom said that he was "officially broke" from his protracted battle to avoid extradition to the US on conspiracy, money laundering, and copyright infringement charges.

US authorities have sought to bring down Dotcom on allegations that his Megaupload service was the hub for pirated content.

For his part, Dotcom denies all charges, has called for evidence to be produced, and has offered a $5m "bounty" to whistleblowers for information to help fight the case.

Later on yesterday, Dotcom tweeted:


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