Revenge porn kingpin Hunter Moore pleads guilty to basically being a total cyber-scumbag

Smut dealer agrees to take hacking, identity theft charges

Internet coward Hunter Moore, who uploaded women's stolen nude snaps to his "revenge porn" website, has admitted charges of unauthorized access to a computer and identity theft.

The 28-year-old, of Woodland, California, US, faces up to seven years in prison and a $500,000 penalty as a result. He is expected to be sentenced in March.

Under the terms of a plea deal [PDF] with prosecutors, Moore must declare all email accounts, screen names, passwords and ISPs he uses with California's central district court.

Moore was hit with charges relating to his administration of revenge porn site until it was shutdown in 2012. He and alleged accomplice Charles Evens are accused of hacking into the email accounts of victims to steal people's private nude photos.

Moore and Evens were arrested at their homes by the FBI in January 2014. Evens, of Studio City, California, will stand trial in March this year after he was indicted on charges of unauthorized access to a computer and identity theft.

"To help populate the site with nude photos, [Moore] aided, abetted, and procured, and willfully caused codefendant Charles Evens to intentionally access, without authorization, a computer used in interstate commerce belonging to Google by accessing the victims’ e-mail accounts," the plea deal reads, presumably referring to GMail.

Moore agreed to plead guilty to one charge of unauthorized access to a protected computer and one charge of aggravated identity theft. The acts were said to have taken place between 2011 and 2012 when Moore operated the revenge porn site.

He allegedly paid Evens to hack into the personal inboxes in order to steal compromising photos. Victims also had their names, addresses and social networking accounts posted to the revenge porn site for extra humiliation, prosectors said. ®

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