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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: El Reg eggs Benedict

A serious hangover mitigation culinary challenge

Eggs, avocado and bacon

And finally, keep your sauce warm while you enter the final straight, with a couple of eggs, some avocado and two rashers of bacon...

Eggs, bacon and avocado

...which you wrangle thusly:

The six final steps in preparing eggs benedict

The result? Tremendous, and as pleasingly photogenic as it is lip-smacking:

Our finished eggs benedict

For those of you who need an extra kick, try a few drops of Tabasco sauce or slice some chilli pepper and incorporate that into the Benedict stack. Taste-wise, though, you really don't need to overkill the spiciness, lest you lose the avocado/bacon/egg flavour combo, offset by the tangy hollandaise.

Pans at the ready, and good luck...®

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