Samsung in second SSD slowdown SNAFU

'Performance restoration tool' didn't always fix rampant read times on EVO 840

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Samsung's wiping egg off its face after a patch for an under performing solid state disk didn't work, necessitating the issue of a second patch.

The drive in question is the 840 EVO, a device we last year mentioned, screams along at impressive speeds and packs a handy and workstation-worthy 1TB.

But once the drive hit the market it became apparent its performance tailed off nastily after a few weeks' wear, with some punters reporting substantial increases in read times once the drives landed in their PCs. Samsung acknowledged those issues, blamed them on a driver and issued a new one.

But that fix now appears not to have been very helpful, as complaints have again surfaced of slow performance, leading Samsung to tell Anandtech that a new fix is in the works.

“We understand that some users are experiencing the slowdown again,” the company said. “While we continue to look into the issue, Samsung will release an updated version of the Samsung SSD Magician software in March that will include a performance restoration tool.”

The fix issued last October was also labelled a “performance restoration tool”, but appears not to have restored performance.

Whatever the problem, the EVO 840's heir – the EVO 850 – has not suffered similar issues. ®


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