EMC learns object lesson in accuracy after ViPR death goof

We, er, didn't kill that off after all, confesses red-faced firm

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An EMC blog saying ViPR Object and HDFS data services have removed from ViPR 2.2 was wrong, and has been corrected in an updated version of the source blog.

EMC spokesperson Kevin Kempskie told us: "We have to take the blame on the inaccuracies. The blog you read on EMC.com – which has since been updated – made a blanket statement that is completely inaccurate."

The truth of the matter is:

  • ViPR Data Services (Object and HDFS) are fully available today for EMC and 3rd party arrays
  • They have not been EOL'd
  • ECS supports both an appliance and a software-only version that provides object and HDFS on top of commodity hardware

EMC's statement about the blooper blog was as follows:

The next release of ViPR Data Services, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) software, and ECS Appliance will not require ViPR Controller; EMC is separating the Element Manager functionality from the overall management and automation that is provided by ViPR Controller for these components.

Therefore, starting with version 2.2, ViPR Controller only supports storage automation on EMC and non-EMC file and block arrays.

ViPR Controller 2.2 does not support ViPR Data Services components (Object and HDFS Services) on file arrays, commodity, or ECS Appliance.

In the next release of ViPR Controller, EMC will add the plug-ins for ViPR Data Services, ECS software, and ECS Appliance so they can be managed like any other array that ViPR Controller manages.

In a clarifying note EMC says: "ViPR Data Services (Object and HDFS) are available today for EMC and third-party file arrays. To use ViPR Data Services on file arrays, you must be running ViPR Controller version 2.1.x, with a ViPR Data Services package. Future versions of ViPR Data Services, ECS software, and ECS appliance will include element and system management software, thus removing the dependency for a separate, external ViPR Controller." ®


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