Microsoft's patchy patchwork extends to Virtual Machine Manager

Recent Rollup fixed after it broke VM replication and made it hard to spawn big VMs

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Redmond's patchwork mess has extended to Virtual Machine manager, after a recent patch spoiled when exposed to the sun.

Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager emerged in early February, promising security, reliability and networking improvements, plus support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.

But Redmond's now warning that the Rollup also creates three new issues, namely:

  • When you try to deploy or migrate a new High Availability (HA) virtual machine (VM) to a cluster, a registered server message block (SMB) share is not displayed as a target path option.
  • The following critical exception occurs in the Storage Refresher during discovery of the replication service:

    ArgumentNullException -- SetCustomOptions
  • VMM cannot refresh the replica or primary VM without Automated System Recovery (ASR). Additionally, migration of the recovery VM in an IR Pending state does not perform live migration. Replica VMs are displayed as normal Vms.

Microsoft's therefore created a hotfix for the Rollup, if you're willing to tick the boxes signifying you agree to Redmond's legalese about this patch. News of this patchy patch adds to a long list of recent Redmond redactions: in recent months the company has regularly replaced supposed fixes that actually exacerbate problems. Hotfixes happen a litlte more often than patch replacements, but this still isn't a good look.

In unrelated but happier Microsoft virtualisation news, Red Hat has signed off on Hyper-V as a vessel in which to run RHEL 7. ®


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