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NASA 'nauts complete another EPIC SPACEWALK to route cables around ISS

Beefing up lab to prevent future traffic jam

Astronauts working on NASA's International Space Station have snaked yet more cabling around the orbiting science lab.

Live images of Terry Virts' and Barry Wilmore's latest spacewalk were beamed down to Earth and aired via the U.S. agency's live TV feed.

The 'nauts carried out the installations to reconfigure the ISS for new commercial spacecrafts of the future.

As of three hours into the spacewalk, NASA said the men had:

Installed cables for the Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles (C2V2) system and completed tasks along the port side of the space station’s truss. To complete the system’s installation, they will route the remaining cables along the starboard side.

They are about an hour ahead of the timeline. Both astronauts continue to report that their spacesuits are functioning perfectly.

The spacewalk was, at time of publication, approximately five hours, 10 minutes into the mission with the men set to return to the lab via the airlock shortly. ®

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