The car in front has Kaspersky deep inside

Russian embedded anti-virus, not flamboyant F1 sponsorship

Kaspersky Lab is taking anti-virus in a different direction by embedding it in SCADA-based industrial control systems, components of the Internet of Things, and yep, even cars.

The Russian security software firm and SYSGO has teamed up to embed the new Kaspersky Security System platform within SYSGO's real-time operating system, PikeOS.

The technology might be used in industrial systems to protect supervisory and control (SCADA) devices, in connected IoT kit and more.

Other applications include using it to separate the safety-critical subsystems from infotainment components in cars.

The software – demonstrated at the Embedded World industrial exhibition in Nuremberg last week – is available as an embeddable OEM component to third-party manufacturers and system integrators.

Kaspersky Security System makes full use of the PikeOS hypervisor architecture and does not impact the real-time performance of applications managing physical processes, according to the two firms.

The Russian security suite bundles the ability to apply access control rules according to given security policy, classify the informational resources and configure the interaction of components.

"By teaming up with Kaspersky Lab we bring IT security to embedded systems," said Knut Degen, chief exec of SYSGO, in a canned statement.

"With the integration of Kaspersky Security System into PikeOS we can deliver a high-performance solution that will help our joint customers to secure their devices in the Internet of Things." ®

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