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Twitter probes terror threat: Medieval murder mob ISIS allegedly puts co-founder in crosshairs

If you believe an anonymous post on the internet

Twitter says it is investigating menacing threats made against its employees allegedly by deranged terror bastards ISIS (or IS, or ISIL, or whatever.)

The San Francisco-based upstart was warned it faced retaliation attacks for shutting down Twitter accounts operated by ISIS fanatics and their sympathizers. The Mid-East radicals are busying themselves in Iraq and Syria with mass murder, sexual enslavement, and horrific public executions.

The threat against Twitter comes from a single anonymous post to the website on Sunday. Ordinarily, El Reg takes any lone unsourced PasteBin-style screeds with a fast-food level of salt.

This particular post could have been written by just about any troll in the world.

But Twitter is taking the post seriously – partly, we assume, because it calls on others to wage violence against the startup and its staff. Company co-founder Jack Dorsey is pictured in the post within a set of crosshairs in a not-so-subtle threat on the exec's life.

"Our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials," a Twitter spokesperson told The Reg.

It is not clear whether the Arabic-language post was made by individuals within ISIS, their warped supporters, or a lone nutcase.

Neither Dorsey nor CEO Dick Costolo have made any acknowledgement of the threats on their personal Twitter feeds. Costolo has reported receiving similar threats in the past, though he did not appear to have been singled out in this latest post.

For the past few months, Twitter has shut down any ISIS-affiliated accounts as soon as it has been tipped off about their existence. This has pushed the medieval killers onto other social networks as they desperately seek to spread their propaganda over the web to recruit the weak-willed into their ranks. ®

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